Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper

Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper

Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper can effectively solve the problem of large amount of dust or fiber particles caused by processing technology, such as cutting, slotting, drilling or engraving; Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper can avoid the influence of foreign matters on the quality of the product surface and reduce the defective rate of the product caused by the foreign matters not being cleaned;


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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper is suitable for all sections of furniture production automation line such as Edge banding section, CNC drilling section and etc. Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper is easy to integrate and can be installed in the place required by the production line without occupying the ground space; Automatic Brush Cleaning Dust Sweeper is equipped with a brush pressing and air bag, when the sensor detects a workpiece, the air bag will automatically press down to increase the brush sweeping force which can make the cleaning more thorough;

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Model FQ-QS1
Appearance Size of Equipment 2400mm
Diameter of suction port 60mm*2 diameter 150*2
Working width 1450 mm
Transverse brushing speed 96 m/min
Motor power 0.25KW (WOSEN motor)
Working Pressure 6 bar
Minimum pass size 240*240mm*5mm
Requirements for central dust removal 40 m/min
The working height of the roller conveyor 950mm
Glue is not within the scope of cleaning  
Manual screw lifting adjustment, adjustable range 0-130 mm  

3. Product Feature And Application

1.Patented Heavy Aluminum Material Used in the Whole Machine
2.Use wear-resisting and anti-static poly-amide brush for up to 2 years.
3.Self-made brush cleaning device to increase the adhesion of brush through micro humidifying device
4.Super stress beam with 8 silica gel wheels to prevent slab deviation
5.Random allocation of two sets of injection devices

4.Product Details

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