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Company Introduction

Going through 19 years, FORTRAN Machinery CO.,LTD has established standardization with automatic and promoted brand upgrading through standardization.

Starting from the year of 2003, we brought up manufacturing conveying products for furniture, such as automation equipment, unpowered roller conveyor and hydraulic lifting table.

From the year of 2009 to 2014, we built up Fortran standardization, which includes standard technology, standard production, standard mechanical procedures, standard quality testing and standard supply chain system.

From the year of 2015, we has focused on Fortran differentiation. It includes wide and comprehensive products that suitable for all sections of automated production (production conveying, order sorting and packaging), customized solutions for different customers, and integrated intelligent connection.

Located in Foshan Guangdong, FORTRAN Machinery CO.,LTD is a full set of mechanical structure design, software development both technology-oriented enterprises, is the level of automation and technical strength,large-scale production of one of the enterprises.

We manufacturing automation equipment, including automatic loading and unloading equipment, automatic transmission lines, powered belt conveyor seriesunpowered roller conveyor series, lifting tables and other independent research and development and production of industrial rollers. Combined with the customer site, we provide customers with customized full set of automation solutions.

Our service
1.Pre-sale service: Business manager will communicate to you and design the automated solutions that meet customer’s requirement.
2.Sale service: Business manager and engineer will fully and perfectly design according to customer’s need. We provide technical consulting services to meet the continuous improvement of automation.
3.After-sale service: Strong after-sales service team will continuously track the usage situation. If equipment is used less than one year, as the case may be, the defective parts can be replaced free of charge.

Cooperative Case
We have served more than 1000 enterprises, and we are convinced by all the customers. We are highly valued by our customers.
SCM --- Edge bander automation
E home --- Six-side drilling automation
Holike --- Edge bander automation
Nature --- Edge bander automation, six-side drilling automation and sander automation
Oppein --- Edge bander automation, six-side drilling automation and sander automation
SOGAL --- Edge bander automation, six-side drilling automation and sander automation

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