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Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw

Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw

Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw can be used with CNC Panel Saw, sanding machine, CNC Nesting machine, sticker machine and etc., which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves the number of labor, so as to reduce the production cost for custromers. Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw can continuously feeding workpiece and can be equipped with automatic discharge machine or other machines to jointly realize the automation of the whole production process.


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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw has the advantages of fast pushing speed, high stability, small vibration and long service life. Automatic lifting and feeding of large workpiece such as 2440*1220mm. Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw with counting function, the output can be calculated, and the PLC programming is easy operation, which is reliability and with good performance.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Model FQ-TBG01
Workpiece size 2440*1220mm
Workpiece thickness At least 10mm
Working height 950±30mm
Max. Load 3000kg
Working period 5 times /min
Voltage 3 Phase 380V, 50Hz
Front stack loading, feeding direction is like attached picture, for CNC panel saw  

Part 1---Push plate feeder:

Dimension L3500*W1500mm

Part 2---3T Hydraulic Lifting Table:

Table size 2500*1250mm
Min. height 450mm
Max. Height 1650mm
Load 3000 kg
Voltage 3KW, 3 phase 380V, 50Hz

Part 3---Unpowered roller conveyor:

Dimension L1500*W1000*H900±50mm
Roller Dia. 56mm with rubber covered
Roller length 1000mm
Rubber thickness 3mm
Distance between rollers 120mm

3. Product Feature And Application

1.Stable conveying, no relative movement between materials and conveying, can reduce the damage to conveying objects;
2.Simple structure, easy to maintain; Low energy consumption and low cost.
3.Not only the operation resistance is small, but also the wear of the workpiece is small, so the productivity is high, which can help reduce the production cost.

4.Product Details

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