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1.5 Tons E Type Lifting Table

1.5 Tons E Type Lifting Table

FORTRAN is a professional manufacturer and supplier of lifting tables in China. Among them, the 1.5 tons E type lifting table is particularly popular and is widely used in production lines. The emergence of the 1.5 tons E type lifting table solves the problem of workers bending over for customers and improves production efficiency.


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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The 1.5 tons E type lifting table is suitable when the size and weight of the single sheet that needs to enter the host are relatively large. Moreover, 1.5 tons E type lifting table is convenient for workers to operate and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the lift table has its own forklift space, which supports the direct loading of motorized forklifts.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

1.5 Tons E Type Lifting Table

Model FQ-SJT-E-1.5T
External Dimension L1350*W1500*H90mm
Height stroke 90-930mm, no digging
Power supply 1.5kw(3 phase 380V,50Hz)
Seal ring NCK
Actual load 1500kg

3. Product Feature And Application

1.High strength manganese steel scissors, high hardness and strength frame
2.Foot switch control, simple operation, simplifying the operation of workers
3.The welding parts of the lifting table are equipped with fixtures, high precision and standardized production, and stable quality
4.It supports manual/motorized forklift loading, and can be placed directly without digging a pit.

4.Product Details

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