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Push Plate Feeder Machine


Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw can be used with CNC Panel Saw, sanding machine, CNC Nesting machine, sticker machine and etc., which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves the number of labor, so as to reduce the production cost for customers. Automatic Loading for CNC Panel Saw can continuously feeding workpiece and can be equipped with automatic discharge machine or other machines to jointly realize the automation of the whole production process.

a.Stable conveying, no relative movement materials and conveying, can reduce the damage to conveying objects
b.Simple structure, easy to maintain; low energy consumption and low cost.
c.Not only the operation resistance is small, but also the wear of the workpiece is small, so the productivity is high, which can help reduce the production cost.

a.The frame used thick square pipe and one-time welding, not easy to cause deformation for long time use, high precision.
b.Operation system can select touch screen PLC control system, which including counting function to precisely control the production output.
c.“Hiwin” guide rail, low friction, smooth transmission.
d.More than 5 years services life.