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Automatic conveyor line for two edge banders


It is suitable for two sets of edge banding machines connection. Connection of 2 Edgebanding Machine this line takes up little space but with stable speed and cost effective. Perfect supporting the space but with stable speed and cost effective. Perfect supporting the link of furniture manufacture, efficiently meet the needs of production.

Configuration Highlights:

a.The main beam is made of high strength aviation aluminum, in line with ICE61131 national standard.

b.Electric accessories adopt the German brand Schneider.

c.The roller adopts German high strength resistant cutting 3mm rubber process.

d.The industry's first synchronous belt structure transmission, no noise, smooth transmission.

e.Italian Libo elastic belt drive, smooth and low noise.

f.Italian brand translation belt, high wear resistance.

Product advantages:
a.save labor: only two workers are needed to complete the whole process immediately.
b.Improved edge sealing efficiency: the board does not fall to the ground, and the edge sealing on both sides is completed at one time, and the edge sealing efficiency is increased by 200%.
c.Cost savings:low energy consumption and low cost of use.
d.Smooth delivery: the noise is small, which greatly reduces the noise pollution; the operation is stable, and there is no relative movement between the material and the conveying, which can reduce the damage to the conveyed objects.