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DUST SWEEPER(Automatic Brush Cleaning)


Dust sweeper is of significance during plate processing process. In the manufacturing process of plate, whether wood floor or plastic plate, 
a large amount of dust or fiber particles will be produced due to the processing technology, which will cause quality problems on the product surface.
In addition, if it is not handled well, there will be hidden dangers of safety or environmental protection to the workshop and even the environment. 
Due to the large amount of dust and large surface static electricity of plate products, it is a great challenge to clean dust or foreign matters.
Fortran dust sweeper is your best choice! 

a. The sensor automatically detects the plate, then the nozzle automatically sprays liquid and wets the brush.
b. The air bag automatically depresses, and fine dust is carried away by the brush. Rotating the scraper, the particles are scraped off. Dust and particles are sucked away and enter the suction port.
c. The upper and lower brushes run in reverse to make the plate convey smoothly.
d. When there is a plate, the air blowing port and the brush cleaning device automatically open. In this way, brush is clean and loop again.


a. Airbag Tension System: When the sensor detects a plate, the air bag will automatically press down to increase the cleaning force of the brush and make the cleaning more thorough. 

b. Electrostatic Removal Device: The high-voltage ion generator sprays negative ions to the tip of the brush to neutralize the positive ions on the board surface, so as to eliminate the static electricity on the board surface and remove the fine dust on the board surface.

c. Three Brush Device: There are two brushes on the top and one brush on the bottom. Brush's speed is up to 2800 rpm/min.

d. Dust sweeper adopts imported brush wire and siglin elastic belt tension system.

e. Multi Group Drainage Nozzle (optional): It can automatically identify panels and automatically partition air.