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Newly upgraded unpowered roller conveyor line


The unpowered roller conveyor line is suitable for conveying all kinds of flat workpiece and panel, conveying flexible without deviation. In order to make the product quality better, the price more competitive, for customers to save labor costs, Fortran in the configuration of products to upgrade. The configuration of unpowered roller conveyor line is more optimized to bring better service to customers.

Upgrade configuration:

a.Industry initiative: roller end cover is upgraded, with better dustproof and sealing performance.

b.Only use iron feet: iron high welded support feet provide sufficient support. The surface is sprayed with powder, which is not easy to rust and corrosion.

c.Ensure no deformation: Fotran independently produces high-strength hot-dip galvanized main beams with high load capacity and stable structure.

d.Only the roller with sufficient thickness of galvanized coating is used: the newly upgraded hot-dip galvanized roller has been used for many years to ensure the quality as before.

e.Ensure no falling off: the roller is locked in the main beam.

f.Upgraded foot cup is more stable: the height can be adjusted to provide sufficient support and stand firmly.

g.Upgrade the baffle for better use: the baffle is thickened and upgraded to an automatic turnover wheel.

h.Upgrade sealing sheet: thicken 2mm sealing sheet to prevent scratching.