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The role of the roller conveyor and the scope of its application industry


The roller conveyor adopts the roller device as the logistics transportation equipment of the production enterprise. The roller conveyor line has the characteristics of convenient installation, large carrying capacity and multi-angle conveying. The roller conveyor equipment adopts pitch driven rollers as the bearing and driving part of the roller conveyor. According to the different pitch length and width of the roller conveyor, the adaptability to conveying materials is also different. Roller conveyors are often used to convey items with irregular surface shapes. Due to the flatness of the surface of the drive roller of the roller conveyor, it can also be used to convey some boxed bulk materials. Roller conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment that can be used in different environments.

The reliable mechanical properties and long-lasting conveying capacity of the roller conveyor make the roller conveyor production line active in the production and processing of various industries. Roller conveyors can not only be used in the production of beverages, postal sorting systems, vegetable cleaning, dairy sterilization, but also in the production of powder metallurgy, ports, coal, building materials, etc. Depending on the material of the drive rollers, roller conveyors can also be used for special agricultural activities and military production. Roller conveyors can also be used for climbing transport. On the one hand, the space layout of the roller conveyor can be optimized; on the other hand, it can improve the means of production. The roller conveyor can also be combined with two roller conveyors to reduce the load pressure and the working pressure of the roller conveyor. Roller conveyors have a wide range of applications. Mainly used to transport various bags, pallets and other goods. Bulk cargo, small pieces, and irregular items need to be transported on pallets. Since roller conveyors are easy to connect and filter, multiple roller conveyor lines and other conveying equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to convey materials. Roller conveyors can be divided into unpowered rollers, powered rollers and electric rollers according to the transmission form. According to the layout, it can be divided into horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and turning conveying. The operation specification of the roller conveyor is also the focus of many production enterprises, which is directly related to the conveying efficiency and service life of the roller conveyor.