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Introduce the protection device of belt conveyor


Belt conveyor is an indispensable equipment in the production line. The correct installation of the belt conveyor and its auxiliary devices is the basis for ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, and can also effectively reduce the failure rate. This article shares several protection devices for belt conveyors.
1. Protective devices to be installed on the belt conveyor

1) Anti-skid protection of driving drum; 2) Coal pile protection; 3) Anti-deviation device; 4) Temperature protection; 5) Smoke protection; 6) Over-temperature automatic sprinkler;

In addition, the belt conveyor installed in the main transportation roadway should also be installed:

(1) Protective barriers at the nose and tail of the machine to prevent personnel from contacting the driving roller or guide roller;

(2) The belt conveyor used in the inclined shaft must be equipped with an anti-reverse device when it is transported up; a braking device must be installed when it is transported down.

2. The role and installation location of various protections

1. Anti-deviation protection device

The function of the anti-deviation protection device is to automatically correct the deviation of the conveyor belt when the conveyor belt deviates; when the deviation is serious, the conveyor automatically stops.

(1) A set of deviation protection sensors are installed on the head and tail of the belt conveyor. When the belt of the belt conveyor is deviated, the belt pushes the arm-type rolling guide rod. When the deviation angle is greater than 200mm (allowable When the error is ±30mm), the deviation switch will act, and the main body of the protector will start an alarm, but it will not cause shutdown. Off-track protection.

(2) A set of anti-deviation wheels are installed in the middle part of the belt conveyor every 30 to 50 meters, and the anti-deviation device should be installed within 50-100mm from the outer edge of the grooved idler to prevent the belt from running off-track.

2. Anti-skid protection device

The function of the anti-skid protection device is to automatically stop the belt conveyor when the driving roller slips and rubs against the conveyor belt.

Magnet type: The anti-skid protection device should install the magnet on the side of the driven drum, and the speed sensor should be installed on the bracket corresponding to the magnet. Automatic power off and stop.

3. Coal stack protection device

The function of the coal stacking protection device is to automatically stop the belt conveyor when coal stacking occurs at the head of the belt conveyor.