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What should be paid attention to when choosing a roller conveyor


In the old days, our transportation sector was still developing. Much of the transportation is manual and unbearable. In that era, there was no high-tech technical support, and transportation was supported by labor. In the 21st century, our science and technology are developing rapidly. The birth of many high-tech products gave workers a break, and the roller conveyor came into being.

The roller conveyor is suitable for conveying various boxes, bags, pallets and other goods. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be transported on pallets or totes. It can transport materials with a large single weight or bear a large impact load. It is easy to connect and filter between drum lines. A complex logistics conveying system can consist of multiple roller lines and other conveyors or specialized machines to meet various process needs. Stacking rollers can be used to realize the stacking and conveying of materials. The roller conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability and convenient use and maintenance.

We consider the selection of roller conveyors to be a professional matter. Many people blindly choose the type, which leads to a series of problems. Delayed productivity is bringing an entire production line to a standstill, which is not worth the loss. So how should we choose a roller conveyor? Roller conveyors are generally used in many industries, but the requirements for materials in different industries are closely related to the wall thickness and diameter of the rollers.

1. For the requirements of the fuselage and the operation requirements of heavy loads, the thickness of the sheet metal of the fuselage should be considered. For heavy loads, channel steel or thickened carbon steel or thickened 304 stainless steel should be used.

2. The wall thickness of the drum is very important. Wall thickness requirements are under load beyond budget.

3. Selection of electric motor: The electric motor is the power source. If the size of the selected motor does not match, it is impossible for the roller conveyor to drive the entire roller conveyor line, so the principle of the big cow pulling the trolley should be adopted, so that the motor power will not be overloaded.

4. Safety protection: Safety is the most important thing in everyone's mind, so the place where the roller conveyor has hidden dangers should be sealed.