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Maintenance of belt conveyor equipment


Belt conveyor equipment design dictates minimal maintenance. There are no parts on the device that move repeatedly, or only move when action is required. This results in almost no wear on the mechanical parts. The rest of the maintenance work is just simple cleaning or inspection.

cleaning job
The cleaning of belt conveyor equipment should be carried out during the normal maintenance cycle of the entire bottling line. Weekly cleaning is recommended, depending on the level of contamination.
All parts are free of damage from water droplets or spray, but are not resistant to water jets. Very fine moisture can damage electronic systems.
If moisture seeps into the device, close it and dry it completely before opening it.

checking work
Inspection means performing regular maintenance in accordance with predetermined steps and checking for defects or defects in a timely manner. The inspection is carried out once a month, and the inspection interval can be determined according to the workload of the equipment.

maintenance work

Repairs are necessary when parts are valid or have considerable wear. Only professionals trained in responsive technology should perform necessary maintenance work. In order to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment, the original parts of the company should be used.