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Different Types of Unpowered Roller Conveyors


There are two main types of rollers according to their uses:
1. Working unpowered roller conveyor 
A working unpowered roller conveyor is close to the working stand, and the rolling stock is fed into the rolling mill before and after the working stand. After rolling, the rolling stock is caught, and then returned to the rolling mill for rolling until the finished product is rolled and sent to the next process.
The working unpowered roller conveyor is further divided into the frame unpowered roller conveyor, the main work unpowered roller conveyor and the auxiliary work unpowered roller conveyor.
Rack unpowered roller conveyor refers to a few work rolls installed in the frame of the work stand.
The main work unpowered roller conveyor is adjacent to the work stand, which feeds the rolling stock into the rolling mill and accepts the rolling stock.
When the length of the rolling stock exceeds the main work unpowered roller conveyor, another group of work unpowered roller conveyors will participate in the work. This group of unpowered roller conveyors is called auxiliary work unpowered roller conveyor, or extension unpowered roller conveyor.
The working unpowered roller conveyor on the rolling mill is divided into input unpowered roller conveyor and output unpowered roller conveyor. That is, from the heating furnace to the hot rolling mill is called the input unpowered roller conveyor, from the hot rolling mill to the next process is called the output unpowered roller conveyor, and the extension at both ends of the output and input unpowered roller conveyor is called the extension unpowered roller conveyor.
2. Conveying unpowered roller conveyor

It is a unpowered roller conveyor specially used to transport rolled products, from the raw material yard to the heating furnace or from the heating furnace to the rolling mill, as well as the unpowered roller conveyor  used to connect various auxiliary equipment of the rolling mill. Because the unpowered roller conveyor accounts for a large proportion of the workshop equipment and the names are complicated, the actual production departments are often grouped and numbered according to the production order.

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