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The brief introduction of unpowered roller conveyors


A unpowered roller conveyor is a transportation device that uses the rotation of cylindrical rollers to convey the rolling stock. It links the various steps of the rolling production process with each other. The use of unpowered roller conveyors realizes the mechanization of operation, greatly improves working conditions, improves production efficiency, and provides conditions for the realization of automatic operation. The weight of unpowered roller conveyors in the rolling workshop accounts for about 40~60% of the weight of the workshop equipment. In tandem hot strip mills, a number of unpowered roller conveyors are used, which are divided into several sections, each of which transports the rolling stock either independently or at the same speed and direction as the rolls. In order to enable the rolling stock to run in the center of the unpowered roller conveyors, drum rolls are used, and the horizontal planes on the left and right sides are alternately slightly inclined, or the angle between the axis of the roll and the running direction of the rolling stock is alternately slightly skewed from the right angle.
Unpowered Roller Conveyor Line