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How to prevent high temperature failure of hydraulic lifting platform in summer


1. When the hydraulic lifting platform operates in a high temperature environment for a period of time, it is easy to cause a short circuit of the circuit. This is because the weather is hot and the temperature is high, and the circuit system in the electric box cannot dissipate heat well, which will lead to damage to electrical components and circuit breakers. short circuit. When encountering high temperature weather, especially when the temperature is higher than 32 degrees, the hydraulic elevator should let the equipment rest for 10-30 minutes after 2-3 hours before starting the operation.
2. The oil pipe is ruptured. The main reason for the rupture of the oil pipe at this time is thermal expansion and cold contraction. The rupture of the oil pipe will lead to oil leakage and the hydraulic lift cannot operate normally. At this time, turn off the power in time and replace the oil pipe.

3. Tire puncture, most of the tires of the hydraulic lift are pneumatic tires. Under the high temperature environment, it is easy to cause the tire to burst, which not only seriously affects the normal operation of the equipment, but also seriously threatens the life, health and safety of the operators. In order to prevent tire blowout, the management personnel of hydraulic lifting platform should do the following aspects: daily tire management should be done well, and tires with air leakage and cracks should be replaced in time. Avoid the tires working under the hot sun for a long time and being exposed to the sun for a long time. In the case of the hot sun, you can add a sunshade net to cover the tires to prevent the tires from being exposed to the sun. Before using the hydraulic lift, check the air pressure of the tires. Try to inflate less than usual in summer, which can prevent At the end of the tire blowout, when using the hydraulic lift, try to carry out the lifting operation on a flat ground, and at the same time clean up the sundries on the ground in time to prevent the tire from being punctured due to rolling.