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Unpowered roller


The unpowered roller is a cylindrical component that manually drives the conveyor belt or changes its running direction. It is one of the rollers and the main accessory of the conveying equipment. The main function of the unpowered roller is to convey the goods by manually pushing the goods.
The unpowered roller consists of the following parts:
(1) Cylinder: generally made of round tube. Commonly used steel pipes, plastic pipes, high precision and high strength can be made of round steel;
(2) Inner shaft: generally made of round steel. Cold-drawn round steel can be used for small diameters, and lathes with large diameters and high precision can be used;
(3) End cover: generally made of carbon steel. Those with a small diameter and a small load can be processed by punching, and those with a larger diameter or a large load can be processed by turning;

(4) Bearings: Select the appropriate standard bearings according to the cylinder body and end cover.