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Unpowered roller conveyor: an important equipment in the modern logistics industry


Unpowered roller conveyor: an important equipment in the modern logistics industry

Principle of Unpowered roller conveyor

The Unpowered roller  conveyor is a kind of material conveying equipment based on rollers, which realizes the conveying of materials through the rotation of the rollers. The unpowered roller conveyor does not require an external power source, and mainly relies on the gravity of the material itself and the friction of the roller to promote the transportation of the material. Its working principle is simple and efficient.

Structure of Unpowered roller conveyor

The non-powered roller conveyor is mainly composed of rollers, support frames, transmission devices, etc. The roller is the core part of the non-powered roller conveyor. It is usually made of metal or plastic, installed on the support frame, and connected with other rollers through the transmission device. The surface of the roller is usually covered with rubber or plastic to increase the friction between the material and the roller to ensure the stable delivery of the material.

HowUnpowered roller  conveyors work

The working method of the unpowered roller conveyor is relatively simple. It uses the rotating motion of the roller to convey the material from the starting point to the end point. When the material enters the starting point of the conveyor, due to the rotation of the roller and the effect of friction, the material will automatically move along the direction of the conveyor. During transportation, the material will generate friction with the surface of the roller, so that the material can maintain a stable conveying state. When the material reaches the end point, the material can be guided to the required position through the design of the equipment, such as the inclination angle of the roller or the guide device, etc.