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What is a non-powered roller conveyor line


Unpowered roller conveyor line, also known as unpowered roller conveyor line, unpowered roller conveyor, etc. It is a conveying equipment used in the automatic assembly line. Its mechanical part is mainly composed of several parts such as frame, roller and guide edge. According to the requirements of the product process, the transfer is manually promoted to complete the required functions.

The Unpowered roller conveyor line has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-corrosion, simple structure, convenient installation, long service life, convenient maintenance and stable operation. It has large conveying capacity, long conveying distance and fast conveying speed. Not only can it be conveyed by a single machine, but also can be combined with multiple machines. It can also form a horizontal or inclined production conveying system with other similar conveying equipment to complete multiple operations at the same time. Large carrying capacity, can transport goods quickly and smoothly.