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Good news! Fortran was awarded the title of "Specialized, Special and New" enterprise in Foshan!


Q: What is a specialized new enterprise?
The products with strong specificity, obvious professional characteristics and strong market specialization manufactured through specialized production with special technology or process are mainly characterized by the specialization of product use, the specialization of production process, the specialization of technology and the advantages of specialized development of products in the subdivided market.
Adopt advanced and applicable technologies or processes, establish sophisticated and efficient management systems and processes in accordance with the concept of excellence, and carefully design and produce excellent products through refined management. Its main characteristics are the refinement of products, the sophistication of technology and the refinement of enterprise management.
Products with regional characteristics or special functions developed and produced by adopting unique processes, technologies, formulas or special raw materials are characterized by the uniqueness of products or services.
The high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights developed and produced by relying on independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation or introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation are characterized by innovation and progressiveness of products (technologies), high technological content, high added value and significant economic and social benefits.