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Good News! Packaging Automation Line Cooperating with GO Ideal


Today, GO ideal has cooperated with Fortran in an all-round way. Full range of Fortran’s products have been bought by GO ideal and set in the factory, such as unpowered roller conveyor line, lifting table, intelligent measuring station and intelligent passing case sealer Advanced Model. The factory's intelligence has reached a new level, paying more attention to product quality and service, and improving brand competitiveness.

In the near future, Fortran will continue to help GO ideal, grasp the market dynamics, continuously optimize product quality, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and inject a new atmosphere into the high-end customization market. Fortran also promises to work hard together with all of our partners to move toward a better future!

Fortran intelligent passing type case sealer (new high-speed) advanced model effectively improves packaging efficiency, lowers the damage of conveying, promotes brand competitiveness.