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Different types of lifting tables


1. Fixed lifting table
This kind of lifting platform is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line, the online and offline of materials, the adjustment of the height of the workpiece during assembly of the workpiece, etc. According to the requirements of use, accessories can be configured and any combination can be made, such as the safety protection device of the fixed lifting platform. The correct selection of various configurations can maximize the function of the lifting platform and achieve the best using effect.
2. Vehicle-mounted lifting table
The vehicle-mounted lifting platform is used to improve the mobility of the lifting platform. The lifting platform is fixed on the battery truck or truck. It receives the power of the car engine and realizes the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted lifting platform, so as to adapt to the high-altitude operation inside and outside the factory. It is widely used in high-altitude operations in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses and other places; it can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising, etc.
3. Articulating arm lifting table

The articulated arm aerial work lifting truck can overhang work, cross certain obstacles or carry out multi-point work. The platform has a large load capacity, which can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment. The lifting table has good mobility and is convenient to transfer the site. It is suitable for large-scale operations such as stations and docks.

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