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Unpowered Roller Conveyor Enhances the Competitiveness of Enterprises


Since 2003, Fortran has been manufacturing non powered roller conveyor lines, which is one of the first domestic enterprises to produce this product. In order to ensure the core competitiveness of the products, Fortran has its own drum factory. All drums produced must pass the quality inspection of at least 7 processes in the production process. We control the runout rate of each meter within 30 wires.

The base material of the main beam is made of Shougang in China. It is formed by laser in a precise way and combined with the bending shear plate. It is made of high temperature resistant paint. The surface is made of high-end plastic spray hammer pattern process. The sealing is welded by Japanese OTC robots. It is accurate and in place to avoid welding seams and maintain the standard and beauty of each component. The whole machine adopts a standard thickness of 2.0mm, its weight is higher than that of similar products, and its load per meter can reach 600kg/m or more.

The process flow of our drum: galvanizing - polishing - pickling - phosphating - plastic spraying. The main difference between our roller and others is that in order to ensure the stability of the entire conveyor frame, a screw is installed on both sides of each roller, so that the roller is not easy to deform.

We employ professional technicians to establish a standard management system. All products produced have corresponding technical parameters. Take the unpowered conveyor line as an example. The radial runout, axial runout and assembly levelness of the drum have corresponding parameters, which some peers cannot do. In order to ensure the authenticity of the corrosion resistance test of the product, Fortran purchased a salt spray test chamber for testing to ensure stable quality.