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Vertical and horizontal translation table


It is suitable for plate transfer between different conveyor lines. It is flexible, convenient, fast and efficient. For example: cold press transformation line, will be coated with glue plate pushed to the Vertical and horizontal translation table, through the Vertical and horizontal translation table to transfer the plate to the roller trolley, the plate to the cold press pneumatic lift platform, so as to complete the transmission.

Configuration Highlights:

a.Independent production of Fortran, high strength C-section steel main beam, high load capacity, stable structure.

b.Self-produced roller, surface hot-dip galvanized treatment, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stable structure, smooth rolling.

c.Pneumatic lifting, with foot switch control.

d.Use robot welding, high quality, no uneven welding quality phenomenon.

e.High strength foot, provide enough support, surface spray treatment, not easy to rust corrosion.